Internationalization in OUR UNIVERSITY

Our university is in a process of granting to its usual functions of teaching, research and connection with the environment, to resolute international connection for which, in addition to the work of academics and academic units, it has formed a Directorate of Relations Internationals with the purpose of coordinating and giving a new impulse to:

● Mobility.
● Joint generation of undergraduate and graduate academic programs with university institutions from other countries.
● Development of cooperative research networks to encourage the creation of interuniversity consortia.
● Preparation of protocols for bi-or multilateral agreements with other higher education institutions for the most adequate fulfillment of the various university functions.

We hope to contribute from this vice-rectory to make the international dimension of our university more transverse and from the Region of The Araucanía, from the local, with the development of our work in academic training, relevant research and link with our own environment, we can be a contribution to the world.

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