Our Inspiration and Guiding Principles

The Catholic University of Temuco has been founded by the catholic church diocese to serve the society in Araucanía and the macro-region south of the country, dedicated from its beginnings to the formation extensive of future professionals, to the cultivation of the ideas that open up new grooves to the knowledge and research that improves the lives and institutions, generating new horizons and opportunities to its people and its territories.

The framework valued UC Temuco that is expressed in the Respect for Diversity and Ethical behaviour, manifested in five cross-cutting principles:

  • Build community
  • Cultivating dialogue
  • Vocation, service and the pursuit of equity
  • Respect, protect and respect life in all its forms and manifestations
  • The evangelization of culture

Linking with the territory

With the purpose of strengthening the public presence and the role citizen of the University in The Araucanía region in Chile, as well as to articulate the university activities with the territory, the Catholic University of Temuco has specialized units.


  • Center for Alternative dispute Resolution
  • Center for Early Stimulation of Children
  • Center for Comprehensive Strengthening of Local Capacities
  • Technology Resource centre for Inclusion
  • Volunteer program-University

Relationships Inter-ethnic and intercultural

The Catholic University of Temuco develops its activities in a region culturally diverse, this regional feature supports their academic and social projection. The units of linkage that strengthen this theme are:


  • Catedra Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas
  • Nucleus of Research in Studies of inter-Ethnic and Intercultural
  • Center of Sociocultural Studies
  • Artisan program
  • Education career and Intercultural Basic
  • Doctorate in Intercultural Studies
  • M. a. in Intercultural Studies


The University conducts the university extension from its seal catholic and active social role, focusing on the comprehensive development of the community UC Temuco and Araucanía region through different programs of artistic-cultural and outreach activities academic as:


UC Temuco on figures

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1 Clinical Veterinary Hospital
1 Clinical Hospital of Larger Animals
1 Clinical Laboratory
2 Chapels

1 Art Gallery
1 Academy of Musical Arts
1 University Publishing
9 Faculties

17 Graduate Programs
3 doctors and 14 Magister
1 Exhibition Hall
1 Legal Clinic and the Center for Alternative dispute Resolution

Learn about our campus

The Catholic University of Temuco has 5 campuses

Campus San Francisco

Located in calle Manuel Montt 056, one of the main arteries of the city, this campus has 19.403 m2 built in that houses the Faculties of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Legal Sciences, Economic and Administrative, Technical College, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Religious Sciences and Philosophy. It also has the Central Library room, a study room, a night of study and the Center of Attention of the Student and Applicant (CAEP). It is also found in this campus, the Centre of Development and Innovation of the Teaching (CEDID), and the Center of Technological Resources Inclusive (CERETI).

In this campus, students have access to food services, copying and printing.

Campus Saint John Paul II

The campus is located in Rudecindo Ortega 02950, north exit, has 27.612 m2 built and hosts the Faculties of Natural Resources, Engineering, Education, and careers in Graphic and Industrial Design. In addition, it has a comfortable and extensive sports complex that has fields for the practice of various sports, including: soccer, tennis, volleyball and rugby. It also has two gyms roof to the development of sports and recreational activities. On this campus, students can access to casino services and cafeteria, facilities, photocopying and printing, lounges, study, library, computer lab, specials and the temple Jesus as a Teacher.

Campus Sergio Contreras Navia

This Campus is currently allocated to the Vice-rector's office of Outreach and International Relations. In addition, classrooms for Continuing Education and various races of the University. Have 1.111 m2 built and is located at Avenida Germany 0211.

Campus Monsignor Alejandro Menchaca Lira

Avenida Germany 0422 of the city of Temuco is located in this campus of 3.052m2 built where the activities of the Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Design. It has a gallery of art, considered by experts as the most modern of the regional capital of The Araucanía, in addition to have a comfortable room to be study. This compound is also the craft store open to the public and a coffee shop / café.

Campus Dr. Luis Rivas Singing

This campus is concentrated in the Upper Direction of the University, in addition to the activities of the School of Veterinary Medicine, which has seven laboratories, a medical clinic for small animals and larger animals. The campus, which has more than 7 thousand m2 built, is located on the way The Butterflies s/n and it is connected to the Campus of Saint John Paul II through a tunnel.